Core Strength

Does your back ache make you feel really short tempered and irritable?
Where you are at…

You aren't new to exercise and have attended group classes and/or the gym before. You aren't happy with your tummy area and suffer with niggling back pain. You know you should strengthen your core but find the exercises you have been doing aren't producing the results you were hoping for. You want to be free from back pain, have a strong core and better posture. You barely have any you time, so you need something fast and effective.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You are feeling fed up and worn down by back pain and you don't feel good about the way your tummy looks. You feel stressed, tired and low on energy. You struggle to motivate yourself to exercise regularly.

What you need help with right now…

A fast and effective solution to tackle your back pain, strengthen your core and improve the tone of your tummy muscles. Feel more confident about your body, stand taller and have more self-confidence. Meet new like-minded people, who make you feel welcome and supported.

How Core Strength can help you…

Give you new and effective ways to strengthen your core muscles, helping to relieve your back pain. Effectively stretch your muscles and encourage you to relax and focus on your breathing and your body. Tone your abdominal muscles in the correct way to support good posture. Be encouraged to work to your own level and to gradually increase the difficulty level as you get stronger. Meet new people and make new friends in a relaxed environment. Give you the chance to focus on yourself and feel content with your body.

It includes:
  • Weekly session.
  • Support & encouragement to keep you on track.
  • Unlimited access to Sam with your health, fitness, wellness and dance questions.
  • Fitness tips, recipes, workouts, health tips via email.
  • Access to a member only Facebook group where you can access direct support and inspiration.
  • All equipment provided so you don't have to buy anything specific in order to attend.