Empowered Health

To achieve a different result, you need to do something different. What if I told you that you could achieve your transformation without...
  • Counting a single calorie
  • Repeatedly weighing yourself
  • Cutting out foods
  • Going on yet another fad diet that doesn't work
  • Joining a gym, frantically exercising or hiring a personal trainer
  • Visualising and meditating on your goal to be your ideal weight
  • Spending more money on diet & nutrition books
  • Spending years in therapy

The reason those things haven't worked in the past isn't because there's something wrong with you. Did you know diets don't work for over 90% of people on them? It's because they focus entirely on cutting out food groups and drastically reducing calorie intake. It's not sustainable and most dieters put all the weight back on when they “come off” the diet. They don't deal with the underlying reasons behind each individual's desire to overeat or binge on sugary, refined carbohydrates. You were never given the full recipe for success. Until now. My signature programme works on a much deeper level than you will have ever experienced in any weight loss programme before.

What you get:

A Personal Assessment

  1. To uncover the hidden blocks and saboteurs that have been preventing your success (these are often hidden within your subconscious)
  2. To get crystal clear on what you want, the outcome you want to achieve during our time together

Three Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions (60-90 minutes each)

  1. To uncover and transform your beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level. Cementing your belief in yourself and up level your capability.
  2. To release buried emotions that are stunting your success and holding you back. Healing old hurts and transforming your beliefs, so you are free of old habits and negative beliefs about yourself.

Three Personalised Recordings

  1. To code in and wire in your upgraded beliefs so you naturally take action in the direction of your goals, feel supported, motivated and confident. You listen to each recording for 21 days.
  2. To release buried emotions that are stunting your success and holding you back. Healing old hurts and transforming your beliefs, so you are free of old habits and negative beliefs about yourself.

A Simple 12 Step Nutritional Coaching Programme

  • To support your decision making, help you see through misleading food labelling and understand how to eat for great health. Tune in to your bodies needs so you eat intuitively and respond perfectly.

A Tailored Physical Fitness Programme

  • To uplift & inspire you so you feel connected to your body, proud of how amazing it is and grateful for all the amazing things it does for you. Quickly increasing your body confidence and transforming your feelings about your body from loathing to loving.

What are the most common saboteurs?


What results could I achieve?
  • No desire to binge eat
  • Absence of sugar cravings
  • A lifelong desire to eat whole, healthy foods
  • A deep sense of self love & appreciation
  • Increase in self esteem
  • A release of unwanted weight
  • Feeling calmer and happier
  • Improved sleep and increased sense of well being
  • Enjoyment of healthy foods and guilt free occasional eating of unhealthy foods
  • Improved health & increased physical fitness

I have very limited places available each quarter as I work very closely with my clients.

Whatever you feel is holding you back, whatever saboteurs keep getting in your way and however long you've been struggling with your weight and relationship with food. Being your ideal weight is available to you.

Having a healthy relationship with food is available to you.

When you do the inner work, your outer world shifts in the most wonderful, most profound way.

"I was not eating properly and gained a lot of weight. Also, I worried about EVERYTHING and did not sleep well at all. I tried to think positively, but there was always a little voice in my head doubting everything. After the session, I felt calm and I'm not worrying about things. I feel a lightness around me and I'm much happier in myself. I find myself dancing around the kitchen some nights to music, without even noticing I'm doing it. I've got so much more confidence in myself. That I can cope with things more now and I'm just sleeping so much better. My friends have noticed a difference in me." Janet

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